Pain is a physical thing

That same baby girl of his, Rimi, was getting married today. There were six landscape and six portrait pics in all. But happiness stays. The third 6 x 4-inch picture beckoned him. A slightly grey headed him and his wife with their young daughter. Full of life, full of ideas. The first one was a black and white picture of the then baby girl. Clinging tightly to Daddy.His eyes moved further. Their little daughter was a young lady by now.

It passes with time. He stared at the 'Designer Wall Hanging Wooden Photo Frame for 12 Pictures' in his room. He stood still. As a father, his heart was an ocean of emotions.Bindaasbargain.Amar Mehta's heart was a mixture of joy and pain. Then a lanky Rimi in her early teens.In three more hours, maybe four, she would be gone.Picture perfectFrame a lifetime of bygone moments together forever. His six-year-old daughter in her yellow frock and an orange water-bottle around her neck, on her first day to school.

The bharatis were expected in a few hours from now.Read more at www. It was full of her pics. Rimi had gifted it to him on his birthday. Cuddled in her Mom's lap in her diapers. The next picture was a landscape family photo. A school farewell pic, Rimi submerged in her mom's blue saree, smiling shyly at the camera. One was a toothless Rimi being awarded Miss Fancy Dress in her 2nd standard. Eyes glued to the beautiful, wooden Designer Wall Hanging Photo Frame in front of him.

Pain is a physical thing. More pics of her college PET bottle His eyes rushed towards the door and then back to the Designer Photo Frame on the wall. With the celebrations in full swing downstairs, one could hear the guests moving around and girls singing. The second picture was of Rimi, the toddler. A small, innocent bundle with tiny hands curled up in tight fists. He was and would always remain her ultimate hero.

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