When you quickly wipe the dogs

This year, I found a system!1- Buy 5 long fluffy towels (about the same color to match your decor if possible) they are much better than even the runners you can pick up fairy reasonable.Last year was crazy. You can increase your stock, and they have some very nice looking ones that will fit with the colors of your home. It's fast, it's easy and it works. I couldn't keep up with the mud and dirt from the yard on rainy days.

My house now stays clean, and smells nice.Use the 3rd towel to wipe the dogs when they come in (spray the towel with the "nice smelling spray") so when you quickly wipe the dogs they also smell nice, and not that wet doggy smell. This is our second year in this house. I buy mine at goodwill or a second hand store for about 1.This system works great if you have a smaller home that has no real entrance and the dogs have to go straight inside from being out in the mud and rain.

Buy the cheap brand of dryer sheets with a nice smell (or buy the environmentally friendly sheets. I leave mine there during the wet days.4- Lay down 2 of the long towels right inside the door where your dogs come in and out.6- When the 2 towels get dirty, replace them with the next two towels that are ready for you. It was very difficult because the house was always dirty and the dogs always seemed to smell.7- Wash the dirty towels in the short wash cycle and add the dryer sheets when drying.

You now have 2 nice smelling towels ready when the others are dirty and need replacing.) The towels absorb much more dirt than I also get a pot of very strong smelling flowers and put them close to where the entrance is.As time goes on, keep watch for these long towels in the second hand stores. 2- Buy a bottle of a dog friendly odor eater product that also smells nice. We had 3 big dogs, now we have 2 big dogs.We moved from a fairly big bungalow with a big entrance to a smaller size side-split home.

Gives it an added boost.50 each. And I get to keep my sanity.Again, the towels work well because they are more absorbent then rugs, and you can just pick them up and dump them in the laundry when they are dirty. And so do the dogs. And then, quickly lay down the other nice smelling ones. Many pet places sell them; so does Wal-Mart. Either PET jar way we want nice smelly ones). I now have no "entrance" and a big back yard

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