Taking a baby along for a special

In fact, your child probably will turn up his or her nose at pretty much any kind of food you are good at making until they are well into your teens. First of all, don't plan on making any big exciting travel plans for the first few years after your little bundle of joy comes along. You will certainly make a great parent someday, but make sure that day is right before you start trying for an addition to your family.

Taking a baby along for a special, expensive getaway just isn't feasible until they've gotten old enough to at least enjoy the sights and sounds along with you. Even if you are a champion chef who has won numerous recipe contests, you aren't likely to impress a picky toddler or middle school student much. And if you don't feel comfortable with leaving your little one with a babysitter for a week, you would probably be better off either selling the tickets or giving them away to a family member instead.

More often than not, your baby would much rather get up in the middle of the night to cry for a bottle, or wait until you and your spouse are in the middle of a nice meal to demand another feeding. Babies don't tend to stay on the same eating clock as adults do, and you won't find any little ones who are willing to wait until the prescribed breakfast, lunch and dinner schedules that you do. Another aspect of having a baby that not many parents anticipate is the feeding activities and scheduling.

For those of us who have never had a baby, raising a new child might not seem like that much of a big deal. While babies are one of the greatest gifts you will ever receive in your life, they require a lot of hard work and dedication that not a lot of new parents ever really expected. And while all babies are truly special, they also come with special needs that you need to brief yourself on before becoming a parent.

But if you plan on having a child anytime soon, you're in for a really rude awakening! While babies PET jar can be a real blessing and a wonderful addition to the life of you and your spouse, they also bring many new, demanding responsibilities that many parents just aren't ready for

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