There is also increasing evidence

The popular Austin City Limits Music Festival stopped providing bottled water to its legion of volunteers and rewarded patrons who recycled bottles with a special T-shirt. They are quite affordable and provide families with assurance about the quality of water they use for drinking and cooking. As awareness of the health dangers and environmental downside of plastic bottles spreads, a market-driven demand will result in even more choices for people who want fresh water at their side, wherever they may roam. Americans spend a combined $11.

Well Into the FutureBut, the most compelling concern about water in plastic bottles is environmental. There is an increasing marketplace of containers for water, from personal water bottles made of reusable aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic and traditional glass.Americans are appalled at the rising cost of gasoline that topped $4 a gallon in May. But, as the sources of water changed and companies such as Coca Cola and Nestle entered the game, bottled water spilled over from simply posh to popular. There is also increasing evidence that PET bottles and other plastic bottles may be a threat to human health.

So, why did the bottled water craze take the nation by storm? Acrylic bottle Some experts say it began as small status symbol, mimicking the bottled waters popular in France and Italy. The Environmental Working Group also has a tap water database where people can look up water quality and content by zip code. Other communities, where there is heavy agricultural or industrial activity, may not be so fortunate.

But now, as people become more aware of the environmental downsides of plastic containers and the questionable value of bottled water compared to tap water or filtered tap water, the tide may be turning. More in-depth questions have to be addressed to the manufacturer. These devices remove contaminants and pollutants while improving the taste of water. Students in colleges and high schools are protesting contracts with Coca-Cola and Pepsi for their bottled waters.7 billion annually on bottled water.Once the source issue is solved, people will still want the convenience of portability. The Cost of ConvenienceThe convenience of bottled water has certainly added to its popularity.

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